Wine Tasting Cruise

Wine tasting Amsterdam: an exclusive package for wine lovers. 2 hours of sailing, enjoying beautiful wines with information about the history and origin.

Wine, wine, wine

Our wine specialist Arisz et Al has put together a special palette of red and white wines for the ‘Wine tasting Amsterdam’ arrangement. While tasting you make a journey through different wine countries, past known and unknown wineries, while the sommelier explains the different tastes.

Choose your own wines

In consultation with our wine specialist, you can also compile a rich variety of tasting wines yourself. We can present a palette of specific wines, grapes or countries. Prior to the tour we will put you in touch with our wine specialist to look at the possibilities.

Sailing and Wine

Fine wines and sailing on classic ships go well together. For the occasional wine drinker, the enthusiast and the wine connoisseur, we have put together an extensive wine tasting in collaboration with our wine specialist. Surprise yourself and your guests and book a wine tasting on board.

The appropriate ambiance at the Amsterdam Wine Tasting

Rederij de Nederlanden has a suitable ship for every test group. Groups of up to 40 people can taste wine on board our century-old salon boats the ‘Najade’ and the ‘Proost van Sint Jan’. Or perhaps you prefer a fully electrically powered Citytender for 60 people. The silent pace makes the test sensation even more intense.

Smaller groups?

This package is available for groups from 15 people. Are you with a smaller group? Please contact us to see if a different package fits or choose a boat rental with one of our culinary options.

Book a boat with a guide

Gids aan boord

A boat trip in the Amsterdam Canals is an experience and there is no need for a guide on board to enjoy the tranquility of the water, the architecture along the shores and the highlights on the canals. But maybe you and your party have sailed more often in the center and you want to offer your guests some extras this time.

In that case you can make your boat trip even more special by hiring a professional guide who tells everything about the history of the city, the architecture and interesting facts about its UNESCO heritage.

Snacks and bites on board

Make your boat trip complete with our delicious snacks.

Ask our employees about the options and prices.

Borrelhapjes aan boord

Faciliteiten en maatwerk

Het zal u aan niets ontbreken aan boord van onze schepen. Wij verzorgen uw vaartocht tot in de puntjes. Al onze boten zijn standaard voorzien van een toilet, verwarming, een muziekinstallatie met telefoonaansluiting en ramen of luifels die open kunnen bij mooi weer. Op de meeste boten is een scheepsbar aanwezig en een aantal boten kan rondom helemaal open bij goed weer. De inrichting van de grotere boten kan naar wens worden aangepast. Ons enthousiaste team adviseert u graag over de mogelijkheden voor een sfeervolle en comfortabele vaartocht in Amsterdam.

Doris Wouters-Ringoir, reserveringen

Rederij De Nederlanden