Theo Kok

32-persons Pulled Barge

Stella Maris vaart elektrisch

€ 180 per hour

minimum rent: 2 hours
+ 9% VAT

€ 180 per hour

minimum rent: 2 hours
+ 9% VAT

Welcome on board at the Theo Kok

Theo Kok is a fully modernised historic barge. electrically powered and thus very quiet and 100% emission free. Sailing aboard the Theo Kok is an unforgettable experience.

Explore Amsterdam in style

Your chosen route along the canals can be planned in consultation with your skipper, but you can also leave it up to him to plot a course through the tourist highlights of Amsterdam. The barge is equipped with dimmable indoor lighting. The music system on board can be operated by your smartphone or other music devices.

Ideal boat for all seasons

In good weather, the sides of the hull and the roof can be opened to offer fine views of all that Amsterdam has to offer. When the weather gets colder, the heating is turned up, which means that you can enjoy your trip in any season of the year.

A special night out

The Theo Kok is fitted with folding tables. This means that this is the ideal location for a special night out. When the tables are set out there is space for 30 people, with the tables folded there is room for 32.


Our team of professionals will be pleased to arrange the catering just as you like it. However, if you would rather bring your own food and drinks, you are welcome to do so.

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Characteristics of Stella Maris

  • electric engine
  • self-catering allowed
  • steersman included
  • transfers up to 32 persons
  • happy hours up to 32 persons
  • seated dinner up to 25 persons
  • hull can be completely opened
  • music system to connect your smartphone
  • heating on board

Sails from Room Mate Aitana (± 5 min. walk from Central Station). Contact our sales team if you want to board from a different location.

Bring your own catering

Do you want to bring your own food or drinks? That’s OK, however, we will charge you € 50 for cleaning.